Amanda | Clinical Psychology, PhD

This was a fun one! Amanda came to me as an out of town referral after her booking with another photographer fell through. Lucky me!! She asked if I was available that very weekend, I happened to have a last minute cancellation, and we were able to hop on a call immediately! Timing seemed to be perfect for us, but Mother Nature and the infamous DC traffic pattern had other plans... 🤪

Lincoln Memorial was the desired location, but since he's currently undergoing a significant facelift, we agreed to meet at Jefferson (my personal favorite). Enter- classic DC road blocks.

WHY were all the roads shut down?! We still have no idea.

But in true DC fashion there was absolutely no possible route to Jefferson Memorial so we had to pivot AGAIN! ...Oh and I forgot to mention that it was pouring rain so we needed to be under cover And we had limited time to get her to graduation at DAR Constitution Hall on time... WHEW. I need coffee just reading all that 😅

This disaster saga has a very happy ending because Amanda and I found ourselves at the very deserted James Madison Memorial building where we had a lovely time totally rocking our session and humming along to TTPD #IYKYK

Sometimes the best moments come from the unexpected. Enjoy!