Savannah | Violin, now in California!!

You know those people you meet briefly, get to talking, think "yep, you get me!" and then send them on their way? Our session went about like that.

Savannah reached out about updating portraits before a big life change- moving from the DC area to California!! We talked about a musicians tendency to do ONLY that, and how we feel differently about the matter. We chatted making big changes and pivoting with your life goals and how that doesn't Actually diminish your success although we (musicians) have trained our whole lives to feel that way. So basically, just your standard portrait session meets deep philosophical convergence- it is TOTALLY normal, y'all 🤪

I love this about your photo sessions. A quick deep dive into what really matters to you.

Savannah, wishing you the best of luck in sunny California! So excited to see what you do next!